FTP, which denotes File Transfer Protocol, is the most popular method of transmitting files to a hosting account. Using an FTP software application that is installed on your desktop PC or laptop, you can connect to your hosting server and copy all the web files that you want with a few clicks. This is done via a simple-to-use GUI and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the files in question. The advantage of using FTP is that you’ll be able to create several FTP accounts, each one with a different level of access to your web space, so if you’d like to grant somebody access, for example – a designer, they will be able to access only one specific directory and won’t be able to see the rest of your content or any other information, such as private details. Three prerequisites are obligatory in order to be able to connect via FTP – a hostname, which is usually a domain name or an IP, a user name and a password.
FTP Accounts in Cloud Hosting
Any of the cloud hosting plans that we’re offering will permit you to create an unlimited number of FTP accounts, so you’ll be able to manage the content of your Internet sites independently or to provide other people with access to any site in your website hosting account. In case you’ve got a web design app pre-installed on your PC, you will be able to administer numerous sites all at once and to keep them updated without effort. In case you provide the login info to some other individual for a certain task, you’ll be able to modify the password for that FTP account or to delete it entirely with only a few clicks of the mouse and prevent any chance of unsolicited access to your content from then on. For convenience’s sake, all FTP accounts that you set up will be shown in alphabetical order in the respective section of your Hepsia Control Panel.
FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated hosting plans are quite powerful, which makes them ideal for hosting numerous Internet sites. Speaking of which, we have decided not to restrict the number of FTP accounts that you can create, so you can have a different account for each website that you host on our servers. All FTP accounts will be listed alphabetically in the respective section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server account. For any of them, you will be able to check the access path and to update it, if necessary. In addition, you can set up the account in an FTP client of your choosing by downloading an auto-config file and running it on your PC, which will save you time. In case you have never used a hosting account before, you can check our elaborate educational videos, which can be accessed through the same section of the Control Panel.